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    About tails

    Okay so this user tails was trying to flirt with my bf and was trying to do a sexual role play cause she's obsessed with him but he rejected and she got mad and report him and he got banned over a false report that tails made that wasn't true so I wanna ask can u please unban him his user name...
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    Hi so its this user named rebel_ who fights with every one and talks smack about them and so my sis pancake came to me today and said that today rebel called her a "dumbass" and "bitch" and my sis said she got pissed off and rebel just got into a fight with another girl and I wanted to ask If u...
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    Fight room

    hi so I had this idea that y'all should make a fight room since ALOT of people fight in rp room & 808 room (mostly) so I was thinking instead of them fighting in those rooms why not just make a fight room since people can't control their anger hope u see this have a nice day byee✨ :>
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    Felix- & code dice room!!

    Hello can u make a Felix- & code Dice room cause its this girl who follows us EVERYWHERE and its annoying so can u pls make a room for me & code and the password can be "fire" but I'll ask u to change it when u make the room
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    Mod Applications

    Name-kimora Age- 15 Location- United States of America Time /PST 4:50- 9:00 week days 10:00 to 11:00 weekends The reason that I wanna become a mod is because, I want to help the site out because I seen that most of the staff don't really do anything about people who harasses other people...