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    whats your username

    whats your username
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    Unfairly banned; needing assistance

    We have these filters in place to prevent spam and advertising and protect our users from unsafe sites. We do remove non spammed site names from our filters if its not being advertised.
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    Whats your username
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    Ban for playing like I was 12

    What's your username? Also, I believe you're already unbanned
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    Banned from Singles for no Reasons.This Thread Was Posted Today Tuesday At 2:17 Pm On 2/15/2022.

    Ban reason provided was sending inappropriate pictures, you will not be unbanned
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    dm me your ip
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    Unbanned, closing thread
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    Looks like a throw away account with a fake email address were you ever active on the chat?
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    Theres no one by the username yung savage
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    Whats your username
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    Always post your username
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    Damn I was banned

    You have been unbanned closing thread
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    banned for nothing

    Making rape jokes is in no way okay under any circumstances, if you felt you got kicked or muted unfairly you could always complain to superadmin or owner, or make a post here. You will not be unbanned. Closing thread.
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    banned for nothing

    Ban evading means you were banned before on the site and are evading that ban. I cannot find the username 'skrrt' on the site to check further.
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    Banned for no reason

    Your ban reason says you were catfishing on the site which is against the rules