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    Ban reason is advertising
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    Just curious

    I don't think anyone reported this pfp if it was reported we would possibly remove it. The user seems to have changed the pfp since then.
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    New here kind of.

    Hi Dexteria, Good to have you here : )
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    I would like to report this user 'Adalyn' for constantly posting racist stuff and making everyone uncomfortable. Exhibit A: She even forces other black males to call her massa and threatens them with whipping: Also openly telling asians they're beneath her: This rogue 'Grand Wizard'...
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    Account issues

    If you're having account issues you can post here. Generally only one account per person is allowed unless special circumstances
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    i whnna be come a mod

    Hi, We will start a thread for mod applications shortly.
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    Hi Jade, Thank you for expressing interest to be a mod. What is your username on that chat?
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    I think that responsibility falls more on the users than the staff so maybe you should 🧍‍♂️
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    Hi everyone, and welcome to 808Teens Forums. You can use this category to introduce yourselves to others and get to know people.