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  1. Zilla Dawson

    I Was Banned But No Reason Given

    okay is okay you tell me your youtube channel I will love to subscribe
  2. Zilla Dawson

    I Was Banned But No Reason Given

    somebody said you were banned from the owner for inappropriate behavior
  3. Zilla Dawson

    I Was Banned But No Reason Given

    so they never gave u a reason so you never did anything and there is a reason but you don't know and something I'm not dumb I can find a way to get you unbanned?
  4. Zilla Dawson

    I Was Banned But No Reason Given

    you explained a lot but not that good I'm saying like some of them make sentence but some of your words are not but what you saying in there is like a paragraph like a story tell us how you got banned and what did u do or say to get you banned so tell us that how you got banned or what did u...
  5. Zilla Dawson

    Kicked for a week , please fix

    About these people and when you get unbanned.
  6. Zilla Dawson

    ellaloux IS bannd

    ellaloux She wants to be unbanned and this is why she got banned for catfishing and she says she will never do it again
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  8. Zilla Dawson

    MY announcement

    Dear God, the person reading this is kind and I’m proud of them .🍒🍒🍒 Please help them live life to the fullest and bless her in their chosen field.😘😘😘 Now, you’re on the clock.❤❤❤ In 9 minutes something will make you happy.🎁🎁🎁 Please share this with 15 people you love.🌹🌹🌹 Remember, . If I don’t...
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    You Can Fix This Now Or Later
  10. Zilla Dawson


    Chat rules still apply even if u create your own side room
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  12. Zilla Dawson

    i need help changing getting a new password bc i forgot mine please help

    I can give u a password pls reply if you want to know my idea ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  13. Zilla Dawson

    I'm New

    I'm New At This Pls Help
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