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    It says you were banned for catfishing, if you read the rules you are only allowed to use pics of your own OR if using an aesthetic pic write that specifically in your bio.
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    Yo have been unbanned, repeating such offence will result in perma banned from the site and the forums. Closing thread
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    I'm New

    Hi and welcome to 808 teens. I would suggest going through the chat help page: If you have any further questions, reach out to an admin on the chat. I would suggest unholy, whose username you can find by going to the news.
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    i need help changing getting a new password bc i forgot mine please help

    There are two ways to change the password, the first and recommended method is to reset it using forgot password option and the email you signed up with. The second is to get in touch with unholy (you can find the account from the news section) and request for your password to be reset.
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    You have been unbanned but if we get another report against you, you wont be unbanned again. Closing thread
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    i was banned

    You have been unbanned since, closing thread
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    someone is advising there site

    Thanks for letting us know, this has been taken care of
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    Youve been unbanned since, closing thread
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    I was banned

    I can see you were since unbanned ,closing thread
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    No care for new people

    People can seem cold or even territorial on online chatrooms sometimes but if you give it a bit of time you can develop good friendships
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    @Silly_goose Do not promote ban-evading. @Oxford what's your point?
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    I'll give you a final chance you have been unbanned. Rape jokes, bullying, nazi jokes and anything offensive is highly discouraged. Most people use chatrooms as a way to escape from these very vices and we cannot allow it here.
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    Based on what
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    Heyyy plz unbanned

    Youre unbanned. do not make racist remarks again. Closing thread
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    Banned for my stupidity

    You're unbanned, dont lie about your age again. Closing thread
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    Mod Applications

    After this, all mod applications should be sent to me in a message, instead of a public thread, thank you.
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    Mod Applications

    Thank you for your mod applications. As the site grows we will be assigning new staff to rooms and some of you might get picked for it
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    Hi, Always write your username when making ban appeals. That being said I believe you have already been unbanned.
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    unban please

    Hi, You have been unbanned
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    I got banned.

    I believe this has been resolved in dms. Closing thread