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    what question u ask?
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    Abusive/Mean Mod and a Unfair Ban

    I aslo have a video where of "Devin" banning me for the 2nd time
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    Abusive/Mean Mod and a Unfair Ban

    Hello, my Username is 0 YHIVI from teens chat. Im complaining about a moderator that has the current username "Devin" Ive seen Devin, 1) Make a unreasonable ban which was abuse of authority for me typing "LiKe ThiS" 2) Be extremely rude to other people on the site In the rules it states No...
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    Where did the dice go and why was it removed? We use the dice alot to settle fun bets in rp room. We also make games with the dice, and its a big part of our 808 experience. Bottom line, I personally do not like the dice removing action.
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    My Fault

    I thought I wasnt going to get in this much trouble becsuse the gif was Mario and Sonic kissing. Thought it would be more funny than anything.
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    My Fault

    Username: McNasty I was banned for a inappropriate gif which I was dared to do buy I can see how it was innapropriate. I can promise it won't happen again but I do understand if u decide not to unban me, I should've thought about it more. What room where you in : 808 Teens chat