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  1. XxLilDinoxX

    Compliments to Agora

    I just want to say he is a fantastic mod btw. Someone was majorly being harrassed today and he handled it. It was really amazing and important to me. I know mods don’t get enough appreciation so thank you @Agora ! He deserves that position.
  2. XxLilDinoxX

    Felix- & code dice room!!

    He didn’t ask you to do this btw, and that girl is his friend lol. I am sorry but if he wanted to be cut off from his friends he would have posted this content himself. He is a very kind person and this is what chatrooms are for, to be with friends and have a good time. (That girl is me btw) I...
  3. XxLilDinoxX

    Meme Room Request!!

    So, I know we have, like, a whole lotta rooms, but no where to post any memes or funny jokes with people who will do the same in a specific room when they want to. I was just wondering if it would be at all possible to maybe add a “Funny Room” or maybe “Meme room”? The name doesn’t matter, but I...