How to Use Stranger Chat Rooms Safely?

Like everything else on the internet, with stranger chat rooms you need to exercise due deligence and caution to make sure you dont fall victim to scams. One of the first rules would be not to share any personal identifiying information that you do not want everyone to know. People are not always who they say they are so tread carefully. If you have any other questions/concerns you can post on our forums and a staff and other site members will be with you shortly.

Free Teen Chat Features

We have a wide variety of options and features inside our chat interface. Some of the features include a music player, private chat, emoticons, wall posting system similar to Facebook, personal friend list, profiles and much more. There is an optional VIP upgrade that is available to unlock even more functions and features such as profile music, liking someones profile, sending gifts, voice messages, drawings etc.

Why join our chat room for strangers?

Our stranger chat rooms brings the best features and utilizes a modern, secure and fun chat software that enables users to have private chats, group chats, explore different rooms and interests according to their hobbies as well as other fun features. Our moderator and admin team is always there to help enforce chat rules and safety measures. Users can report messages, bullying, and ignore annoying users. We also have a growing list of features according to user demand to make the place even more fun!

Our Latest Active Members:

Simon Deann

Stranger Chat Rules:

Our chat rooms are 16+ which means it is available for older teens and adults. You are to keep the chat clean and appropriate at all times. Nudity and sexual conversations are against the rules and may result in you getting expelled.

Our mods and admins try to keep the chatrooms safe and you are expected to oblige any requests they deem fit. Arguing with our staff is never a good idea and may result in your inability to use our chatrooms anymore.

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