false ban

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1. i never threatend anyone im making a promise for you TERRIBLE STAFF, 2. i didnt harrass anyone if anyone is harrassing someone its your STAFF that goes around bullying people and banning for no reason, 3. i didnt break any rules because gore was never in the rules so L to you, 4. i never disrespected any "staff members" they disrespected me i was a victim of bullying in this chatting site and abuse of power but lemme make it clear for you you may be the horrible staff that you are and think your gonna get away with it but i never told you im a foster kid that went missing so i was on the news and have my own media meaning it will be easy for me to spread the word that this site is bad and if you know me and actually talked to me instead you accused me of being a freak that liked gore no it was a joke but anyways thank you for this wonderful ban because its more evidence of your horrible crappy staff being abusive to power and false bans thank you byeee
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so you know you got banned for sending gore but all you have to say about that is
“no it was a joke but anyways”?

and instead of defending your reason for sending gore you go on a rant about how bad the site is…

you will not be unbanned, closing thread.
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