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Username: poltergeist

Tell us the issue/question: i was banned unfairly for false reports and mod bias. originally, i was banned for calling someone a creep and telling them to stop messaging me. after creating a thread to resolve the issue, i was unbanned. then again, i was banned for evading (even though the wrongful ban was reversed in the first place). and recently, i was falsely reported for nudity. i have never posted any lewds or nudes anywhere. moderation banned me based on someone's word. when i brought this to the staff's attention, they alluded to calling someone outside of the site, which is something users do all the time. i even see people talking about doing so in the main chat without being reprimanded. all of the original bans were unjustified and, when i brought this to the staff's attention, they stretched for cause. these three reasons were listed for my perma ban: i hardly chat in the main, i was on call with someone and i've been banned "several" (two) times. NONE of these reasons justify a permanent ban. the first two bans that the moderator is referring to were unjust in the first place, being introverted and not conversing in the main is not against the rules and everyone calls their friends outside of the site all the time, but the mods never bat an eye. i have no idea why i am being repeatedly targeted. there honestly needs to be a re-evaluation of roles and/or procedures.

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you got banned simply because you got reported for nudity on call
(confirmed by Owner)

those 3 reasons do justify our suspicion.

don’t make another thread about this.
closing thread.
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