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You can post mod applications here. Information required to be considered initially included your name, age, location, available timings and reason why you think you should be mod. In case you do not feel comfortable sharing that information, you can message one of the admins.



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name: jack
age: 19
location: UK
timings: 12:30 - 13:30 GMT (every day), 21:00 - 00:00 GMT (every day), 14:00 - 17:00 GMT (saturday, sunday)

Based on my experience with users on different chat sites where I've been a mod as well as VIP user here is my take:
  1. Users are a mix from different age, backgrounds and cultures and chat site provides a great medium to socialize and make friends.
  2. Users are a mix of good and bad. Some users have genuine intentions of socializing and making friends while the others could be psychopaths, sociopaths, hackers, catfish, bullies etc.
  3. Many users are immature, depressed and lonely and could have special needs but have genuine socializing needs and need to make some friends. They come with an expectation of a safe chat site that gives them a medium to fulfill their needs.
Moderators / staff members play a vital role in ensuring the safety of the chat site as well as safety of users. Educating users from time to time when absolutely needed on the rules which lay the foundation of the chat site as a safe and fun filled socializing medium where anyone can collaborate and make friends while still keeping the communication within the constraints of the rules and respect each other. The moderators and staff members are role models so they can't preach what they can't practice themselves. A mod cannot be too strict on a user unless absolutely necessary for the safety of other users and until there is an absolute need to mute, kick, ban a user. There should be enough supporting evidence that the mod must collect before taking such an action. Warning a misbehaving user on repeatedly breaking of rules is a first measure to indicate that a strict follow-up action would be taken if the misbehaviour is not controlled despite warnings. Educating users on what is allowed and what is not allowed is absolutely important. A mod should still keep a fun filled environment so that users are not discouraged from freedom of speech. It is necessary to increase the number of users on the site and make it a success.

I think I have a fair understanding of the rules of the trade and what a mod is responsible for and I believe I can do justice to the role given an opportunity. Therefore, I'd like to apply for this role and I hope my application would be accepted.


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location: USA
timings: 9:30 - 15:30 GMT (everyday), 8:00 - 2:00 GMT (everyday), 15:00 - 19:00 GMT (everyday)

I think I should be a Mod because I am an organized, mature, and helpful. Being a Mod to me doesn't just mean to remind people to not trade illegal items and such. I can relate to people who are feeling down or need someone to just talk to for fun.I do not judge others. . I am always on the look out for people who are doing the wrong thing, but also looking out for those who need help. If I make a mistake, I will not blame others, and i dont lie. I even give back things people have dropped, even if they do not ask. I can also be honest with myself, and if I do something then reflect back and I did not agree, then I will rectify it.The biggest reason why I should be a mod is I am reliable, in both my nature, and hardware wise as well. People will be able to rely on me and I will never disappoint people who look to me for help (and if they feel disappointed its because i physically would not have been able to do something due to insufficient permissions etc).

Thank You 😊

Mr Nobody

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Mr Nobody (you can call me Chase)
Timing: I'll be on for at least 5 hours every day on the weekdays. But it won't be all in one period of time.

I think I should be mod because I have a lot of experience watching and keeping sites in check. I own 2 sites of my own. I am kind and willing to help improve this site. I don't judge a book by its cover and never will. I'm polite but can be strict if I have to be. I'm on a lot of sites and have been staff on a lot of sites and this is by far one of my favorites. I am accountable for my actions when I do make mistakes but I don"t make them very often. I am not one to argue that a higher them me in staff. I wouldn't mind helping if you don't mind. I hope I didn't waste your time.

Just a quick note: Love the site keep working to make it better. 👍

Thank you for your time😅


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Name: Available- (call me Zaphira)
Age: 15
Location: USA
Timings: 7:00 am - 9.00 am (GMT) [everday] ,
2:00 - 4:00 pm (GMT) [everday]

I think I should be a mod because I'm very easy to deal with and I know how to behave in certain situations. I have gained experience on some other sites, not as a mod, but as a user I have already noticed a lot. My patience is hard to sit on the test and I am calm myself.

I take very good care of what I also enjoy. I don't like arguing, but I know what to do without being rude. I have the kind of myself that I can include in any situation. I am aware of my mistakes and watch to avoid them.

Quick Note: I have my own ideas but like to include others. (-:


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Thank you for your mod applications. As the site grows we will be assigning new staff to rooms and some of you might get picked for it


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Age 15
Location- USA
Time/ PST 4:50- 9:00 week days
10:00 to 11:00 weekends

The reason why I’m wanting to Apply for mod is to keep everything PG-13 rated and to protect people through chatting and to restrict the violence in 8o8 chat rooms so everyone can have a great time and to watch out for everyone
After allotalk was shut down I was very upset with what happened when I met everyone, so helping on here would be fun in my preference and could help teach people with better choices
Down the road It would be a great deal to me if I could be a mod thank you


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time (Est)- all nights from 11-2 and morning 6:30-8:30
the reason why i want to be a mod is because i see alot of bad stuff happen and there isnt a mod i can find or one that will do anything. im mostly in the role playing room and alot of stuff happens there, unwanted fighting, threats, etc. it would be more safe for other users and to feel more comfortable with the site if a mod is always watching roleplay room
Name- Yani
Age- 16
Location- United States of America
Time (GMT-5)- 9am-3am

The reason that I want to become mod is because, I want to help the site out because, I notice that most of the staff don't really do anything about the people who are not following the rules of the site, and I have been experienced of being Moderator and Admin, and I can say that I did a really good job, I also want to become mod to keep the chat safe, fun and enjoyable for everyone to chat on. And that is why I want to become a mod in 808 teens chat <3

J I m I n s h i

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Age- 15

Location- United States of America

Time /PST 4:50- 9:00 week days
10:00 to 11:00 weekends

The reason that I wanna become a mod is because, I want to help the site out because I seen that most of the staff don't really do anything about people who harasses other people another reason I wanna be a mod is to keep the chat safe and fun and let the teens have enjoy the app and that is why I wanna become a mod in 808 teens

Invaild Username

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Name: Micah

Age: 16 (be 17 in two weeks)

Location USA (currently). I live in Russia too but I don't know when i will be going back.

Time zone: EST. 7:30am-12 or 1 pm(weekdays) and 7-7:30pm to 10pm (weekdays and weekends)

I want to become Moderator because i wish to help this site out( i know many people have said this a lot). This site is by far the best chat site i have been on even if there are complications with certain users and moderators (no offense). I do wish to keep this site safe from potential rule breakers, guests who post inappropriate links or other harmful things that will hurt the users on 808 an 808 itself. I also will take my job very seriously and do all the necessary requirements to keep 808 safe. I don't know if putting this will be helpful, but I do moderator, admin, and Co-own many discord servers and i am a very strict moderator (if u need proof of my moderator servers here is my discord tag Pyro#6872 and i will show you the servers that i moderator for). I do hope that this forum is help to the person reading this, and if you are not looking for anymore moderators at the moment that is okay, I will be ready if you do need a moderator. Btw this is not my parents, siblings, or friends writing this forum this is me writing this. I am very honest in what i say or do to fulfill the requirements to become Moderator.
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Bunny-{But you can Call Me Snow}


Im on 24/7 but maybe 8:30 pm to Midnight

11:21 pm rn and honestly im not sure what else to put except that I'm basically tryna say is I kinda wanna be a mod so that maybe since I'm on 24/7 I can at least lend a hand when ever there is to much drama with everyone which is true because everytime I'm in the rp house everyone argues and fights over stupid things which doesnt make sense but I do wanna try and least solve it and who knows maybe i might be able to mend the tension in the air but im just hoping to be a better person you know so I'm praying and hoping that you guys can and maybe give me a chance to be better and help others😔
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Hi, the names Ignite (But call me Mase) .

I'm 13 years old and live in Australia.

I would like to be a moderator for this site because I am kind and fair to others. I'm always in the teen room and I also won't be on all the time during school hours... So Monday and Friday, id probably be able to be on 5:30pm-10:00pm. Weekends I can be on for ages.

I understand the rules and hope you guys will be able to give me a chance of being a moderator. Thanks.