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Chat Master

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Name - Jay
Age - 16
Location - (USA) United states
Available - (Mon-Fri) 8:45pm - 10:00am (sat-sun) 24/7
Reason - help keep the chat clean, I have experience being a mod/admin/superadmin/ and even co-owner of a chat and I'm really a chill guy, I have patience with everyone, I am kind and nice to everyone even if they aren't nice to me, I have never been removed from being a staff member on a chat room. I try to give people a 2nd chance no matter what. ( I listen to what people have to say, I follow instructions given by staff members I have never abused my powers.)


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You can post mod applications here. Information required to be considered initially included your name, age, location, available timings and reason why you think you should be mod. In case you do not feel comfortable sharing that information, you can message one of the admins.

Please pick good people. Like I wouldn't mind being a mod. But I'm not on a lot. My name is Trys, and I'm 15. And I live in the USA. But I got unfairly banned. So I think you should choose people that wouldn't abuse their power. Like the person who banned me did. I honestly do try to be on a lot tho. Which I will get better at by the way. So my time on here, would get better if I was mod. If I was to name my timings, I'd have to say like 8:00AM - 3:00PM. I would be at school, but I would still be on the chat.
I really love this chat, i was on it a couple years back. But forgot about it, and rejoined with a different account because I lost my last one. But I would love to be a mod. So I could help with any unfair bannings. I wouldn't abuse my power either.
I don't know if this counts anymore since is been a few years. But I really love that chat, and would love to unbanned, and possibly be out as mod.