How To Recognize The Signs That You Are Being Catfished

Online dating has become quite normal for many people. Determining if the people you communicate with are exactly who they say they are, whether you’re new to the site or a seasoned e-dater, may be extremely tough. Even the most pessimistic individuals can be fooled in an internet environment where most of what we hear and see must be taken at its value. But, as catfishing becomes more popular, how can you protect yourself from people trying to trap you in their web of lies?

Don’t worry, as we’re here to assist you, and throughout this post, we’ll show you how to recognize the signs of catfishing as well as what you can do to protect yourself. Let’s start with a definition of catfishing.

What is meant by catfishing?

Catfishing is when someone develops a false online identity on a social media platform to target those, they believe are vulnerable to fraud or abuse. It’s particularly common on dating sites, and it’s frequently used to deceive individuals into romantic relationships or make money through fraud. To acquire people’s trust for their own goals, the catfisher frequently uses details and photographs that are not theirs.

What are the most prevalent symptoms that you’re being catfished?

The first sign – meetings are constantly being rescheduled.

If a person you’re conversing with online consistently postpones meeting you, it’s a red flag that they could not be who they claim to be. Of course, they may have good reason to delay, but if it happens frequently, you have to wonder, “What are they hiding?”

Many catfishers will delay meeting up for as long as possible to avoid revealing their scheme and exposing the lies they’ve been spreading.

The second sign – Avoiding video chat

A great way to find out if you are being catfished is to insist on video chatting with the people you are talking to. Most catfishers will Insisting on video chatting with the folks you’re talking to is a beautiful technique to see whether you’re being catfished. Most catfishers will avoid speaking with you in person because it will expose their true identity. If they suddenly come up with a “broken camera” excuse right before you’re supposed to see them for the first time, it might be time to say your farewell.

The third sign – they request money

Was the last time you received an online money request from someone you believed to be legitimate? Why would you entertain a recommendation from someone on a dating chat if you would delete an email from a ‘Nigerian Price’? Most catfishers will play on your emotions by spinning dire claims of financial hardship, typically accompanied by promises of a meeting. It’s not a good idea. Block and delete. There is still a lot of other fish in the sea that isn’t catfish.

The fourth sign – Conflicting stories

The final indicator you’ve been catfished is that you pay attention to what people you encounter online say. It becomes increasingly difficult for a catfisher to maintain their tale consistent as they weave a web of lies. Look for contradictions in what they say and exit out of the conversation as soon as you can if you notice them.

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